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Aviem is the leading provider of crisis-related training and the largest provider of family assistance training, based on the Human Services Response™ concepts, developed by Dr. Carolyn V. Coarsey. Aviem also offers leading-edge crisis communications training for dealing with the media/public, and our Operations training courses include the latest best practices in emergency management concepts for companies and other non-governmental organizations.

Human Services Response™

Available HSR-related training courses include:

HSR 2-DAY Initial Training

The primary course for employees and other personnel who may be assisting employees, families or the public.

HSR 1-DAY Refresher Training

This is a recurrent training course for persons who have completed the 2-DAY initial training.  We recommend refresher training every 18-24 months.

HSR Awareness Training (1-DAY)

This course introduces personnel to the concepts of Human Services Response™ so that they are more sensitive to the needs of survivors in the immediate aftermath of an incident or accident when they are confronted with the challenge of providing immediate assistance.

HSR Training for Call Centers

This 4-hour course is designed for agents in call centers who may be taking inbound inquiry type calls related to an incident or accident.

HSR Training for Management

Aviem offers HSR training targeted at mid- to upper-level management and executives to provide them with a good understanding of the needs of people following a major incident or accident and how their company can be of immediate assistance in the subsequent aftermath.  We offer versions from 4 hours to a full day.

HSR First Contact Training

This 1-Day course is designed for persons who are responsible for contacting families and/or next-of-kin to advise them of an incident or accident involving their family members. The prerequisite for this course is that participants would have completed the HSR 2-Day Initial course.

Aviem offers variations of these basic programs to meet specific client needs.  We can also customize programs to further meet your specific needs.

Train-the-Trainer Programs

Aviem also offers a number of Train-the-Trainer programs.  These programs include a comprehensive Facilitator’s guide, Participant Guide, PowerPoint Slides, Video Clips, Case Studies and Role Plays.  Aviem instructors will work with your trainers to get them certified on the selected programs.  Typically, each program requires 4 courses with Aviem instructors and your trainers to become certified.  Train-the-Trainer programs are available in the following areas:

  • HSR 2-DAY Initial Training
  • HSR 1-DAY Refresher Training
  • HSR Training for Call Centers
  • HSR Training for Shipboard Leaders
  • HSR Training – Empowering Survivors for Shipboard Personnel

Contact Aviem at +1.404.881.2819 for more information on these programs or go to our Contact page.

Specialty Courses

Aviem offers several specialty courses targeted at specific workgroups and based on the Human Services Response™ concepts:

Handling Callers in Difficult Situations

This 4-hour course for call center agents provides them with the skills necessary to handle unexpected, emotionally-charged calls, either as a result of a breaking news situation or when persons or families are in the midst of a personal crisis where your company may be involved.

Handling Customers in Difficult Situations for Frontline Personnel

This 8-hour course for frontline customer service personnel covers dealing with customers in difficult situations.

Media/Crisis Communications

Jeff Braun, Aviem’s Vice President, Communications, provides specialized crisis communications training for all personnel levels to ensure any employee can effectively deal with the media, regardless of their role.

Media Training for Company Spokespersons

This intense 1-DAY course prepares company personnel to be able to talk directly to the media in formal press conferences or when confronted in other incident situations.  This course is limited to six (6) participants, and all will conduct mock interviews and be video recorded and critiqued so they will be fully-prepared at the end of the course.

Media Training for Company Management

This course is very similar to the Spokesperson training (1-DAY course) but can accommodate a larger number of participants who may need the media training but will not necessarily be the designated company spokesperson.  Some participants will be video recorded and all will benefit from the mock interviews.

Media Training for Supervisors/Mid-Level Managers

This is a 4-HOUR course designed for managers who may need the crucial information on interacting with the media but who will not be called upon to be a company spokesperson.

Media Sensitivity Training

This 4-HOUR course is designed for frontline personnel who may inadvertently be ambushed by the media in field or customer service locations.  This course provides participants with valuable tips and training on how to successfully divert media representatives to the appropriate company spokespersons.


Command Center Operations

This course is designed to help participants understand the roles and responsibilities of those who would serve in a company’s emergency command center, how to staff and organize an emergency command center, and how to conduct effective command center operations.

Go Team Training

This course is designed for all personnel who will travel to the accident site in order to respond to a disaster.  While there are many terms companies use, and the term “Go Team” has different meanings in different companies, we think of it as being ALL personnel who will travel to the accident site to perform a particular role in the response effort.  Certain tasks have to be performed at an accident site regardless of how your team is organized.  This course provides more “hands-on” skills for conducting effective onsite operations.

Family Assistance Operations

This course provides hands-on knowledge on the logistics and operational issues of establishing a Family Assistance Center and Joint Family Support Operations Center.

Station Training (Airlines)

Frontline and other public contact employees may not be part of a company’s emergency response team but, nevertheless, they can be thrust into the midst of a crisis, and often their initial actions set the tone for the entire response.  What happens in the first 24 hours after a disaster can determine whether your company successfully responds to and overcomes disaster or whether the disaster ultimately destroys your company.  This course provides the basic skills needed to effectively manage a crisis until other company resources are able to respond.