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US Government Shutdown May Hamper Federal Response Capabilities

Today, 1 October 2013, the US Federal Government shut down to to funding disagreements within the US Congress.  As a result, the National Transportation Safety Board Transportation Disaster Assistance Office  has issued notice to all aviation and rail companies that their ability to respond to a significant aviation or rail disaster is currently very limited and any actions by the NTSB will be taken on a case by case basis.

Aviem International, Inc. is assuring its clients that this does not hamper our abilities to respond and assist our aviation and rail clients in the event of a significant accident or disaster.  While some Federal resources may not be available or may be limited, Aviem will work with our clients to find alternative resources or work around the limitations created by the Federal government shutdown.  This may simply mean more coordination with local and state authorities, however, Aviem key staff were successfully responding to disasters prior to the implementation of the disaster family assistance acts and can ensure that all clients will have the necessary support from Aviem and our sister organization, the Family Assistance Foundation.

Should any clients have any questions or concerns, they may contact Jeff Morgan directly at jeffmorgan@aviem.com or by calling the Aviem offices at +1.404.881.2819.