Disaster Services

Emergency Call Center Services – When a disaster strikes your organization, you may be inundated with calls from the public, people concerned about loved ones who may have been affected by the disaster, the media and others who think they can help. The Aviem Call Centers can handle all these calls with customized scripts created in our advanced Call Center Support System (CS2).

Outbound Notification & Telephone Support – Aviem provides outbound call center support via our Family Support Center (FSC).  Our highly-skilled support representatives will make initial contact with families and others involved in the disaster and provide ongoing informational updates and support.  All information, including all call details and actions, are recorded in the Aviem Strategic Emergency Response Tracking System, known as SERTS™.  This secure, cloud-based data management system allows clients to collaborate with Aviem teams on a real-time basis.

Onsite Disaster Management – Aviem Go Teams will deploy to the site of disaster within hours.  Upon arrival, Aviem can establish Family or Humanitarian Assistance Centers and conduct all related activities such as incident management, family assistance, logistical operations, administrative support and liaison with other responding agencies at the local, state and federal levels.  Aviem operates with a highly- structured incident management system that can be scaled according to the size, scope and circumstances of the disaster.  In addition, we do not use a “cookie cutter” approach.  Our services are customized to fully integrate with your company’s internal response teams, working in a coordinated manner.  We can handle most of the operations with your coordination and direction, or we can just fill the gaps in your company plan.

Humanitarian Assistance – Assistance for those directly affected by a disaster, whether they are passengers, customers, employees, members of the public or families of those affected, are supported by Aviem and our sister organization, the Family Assistance Foundation.  Through the Foundation, we have approximately 8,000 team members available to assist, all over the world.  You can also be assured that any team member has been properly trained using the Human Services Response™ approach for helping people in crisis, developed by Dr. Carolyn V. Coarsey.

Mental Health/Professional Assistance – Aviem and the Foundation provide professional support for all survivors as needed.  While most of the support needed in the immediate aftermath of a disaster is more basic and practical, we also can provide professional clinical support as needed.  In addition, we coordinate professional support for survivors once they return home and are most likely to take advantage of counseling or other services.

Repatriation Services – Aviem manages the repatriation of  human remains for mass fatality disasters and for the medical repatriation of survivors, when survivors are able to return home, after the disaster.  Aviem teams and Proven Partners™ are experts in their fields in understanding how to repatriate remains and survivors all over the world.

Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) – The process of recovering and identifying victim remains has advanced greatly over the past ten years and is primarily the responsibility of various government jurisdictions around the world.  Aviem teams are always available to assist any agency with equipment, expertise and other equipment as needed.  Should your disaster happen in a location without proper DVI resources, Aviem will ensure that teams are deployed to conduct DVI activities following the latest international standards and protocols for disaster victim identification.

Personal Belongings Recovery & Processing – Aviem, along with its Proven Partner™ BMS Global, will provide full site management to recover all personal belongings of those persons directly affected, process appropriately, and work closely with families to handle and/or return personal belongings according to the wishes of those families.  In addition, we provide full site management with removal of wreckage and other debris and full site remediation as required.

Other Services – Aviem also offers support for all other aspects of disaster response including:  security and access control, joint operations centers, company command centers, technology support, information management, finance & administration, coordination of memorial services, site visits and many other activities involved in the disaster response.  Please contact your local Aviem representative for more information.

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