Aviem takes a very “hands-on” approach in working with its clients, both in planning and training as well in all response services.  It’s critical that our efforts are done in close coordination with your company policies and procedures.  Through our planning and training services, we will ensure that your plans represent the latest best practices for today, based on thirty years of research.

Disaster Services

Aviem provides a full suite of disaster services to meet any organization’s needs and ensure compliance with all international regulations and laws governing a company’s emergency response, humanitarian assistance requirements and other requirements as appropriate. Disaster services include:

  • Emergency Call Center Services
  • Outbound Notification & Telephone Support
  • Onsite Disaster Management
  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • Mental Health/Professional Services
  • Repatriation Services
  • Disaster Victim Identification (DVI)
  • Personal Belongings Recovery &  Processing

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Planning & Consulting Services

Aviem offers a full range of planning & consulting services to assist companies in their emergency planning & preparedness.  Aviem assists organizations with creation of new emergency plans when none exist as well as assisting companies with enhancements or improvements to their existing plans.  Planning and consulting services include:

  • ER Plan Development
  • Plan Audits & Gap Analysis
  • Go Teams & Other Emergency Groups
  • Emergency Operations Centers
  • Team Selection, Development & Training

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Emergency Exercises

Aviem designs and conducts exercises for clients all over the world.  Exercises vary in scope and complexity based up on the needs of the client and the areas to be tested.  Types of exercises include:

  • Tabletop Exercises
  • Functional Drills/Exercises
  • Full-Scale Exercises

Aviem also observes and evaluates exercises designed and conducted by your own internal resources.  Aviem’s professional staff can observe in any number of areas including command center operations, Go Teams & Onsite operations, and humanitarian assistance operations.
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