Global Emergency Resources

Global Emergency Resources (GER) helps communities, government agencies and independent companies succeed in protecting, deploying and recovering their most vital assets during any threat or disaster scenario. Our staff has proven expertise in Health Care, Information Technology, Aviation, Emergency Operations, Security, Safety, Public Health, and Business Continuity. If preparedness is a concern for your organization, we stand ready to support your needs!

GER’s software helps manage the information contained in various disparate patient, asset and other databases, and provides near real-time monitoring and mapping of systems and assets during mass casualty incidents, emergencies and routine daily operations. GER also supports near real-time patient tracking from the incident scene to the healthcare system. This information can also feed electronic patient care reporting systems, resulting in significant improvements in emergency response, triage, patient tracking and reunification.

Our focus is to provide leaders at all levels and locations with the tools they need to effectively plan for, control and recover from any and all emergency events. Our mobile solutions make those in the field more efficient and provide those in decision-making roles with more information, properly organized and presented.

BMS Global

BMS Global offers disaster recovery solutions that encompass the entire transportation industry. Aviation, cruise lines, railways and bus lines, as well as corporate travel services, are faced with ever-changing laws and regulations affecting daily operations and recovery from disasters. Recoveries are often complicated and highly emotional when faced with human trauma and tragedy. BMS Global is your best source for the recovery of personal effects and the recovery and repatriation of human remains. BMS Global strives to provide services in an efficient and cost-effective manner while maintaining their focus on human compassion.

Family Assistance Foundation

The Family Assistance Foundation, Inc. is an independent non-profit corporation founded in 2000 by Aviem’s principals for the purpose of empowering people following tragedy. Our mission is to support and improve business and industry responses to emergencies and disasters. The Foundation takes a unique, research-based approach to helping organizations successfully meet survivor’s (customers, affected families, employees, any member of the public impacted) needs by coordinating and mobilizing resources during the acute phase of a crisis and beyond.

The Foundation’s symposia provide member organizations, as well as survivors, the opportunity to share lessons learned and information about how to continually improve response efforts and business practices. Foundation education and training programs support members by monitoring the long-term outcomes of those impacted by tragedy. Promoting awareness and building skills and knowledge for those who are charged with responding are crucial elements of the Foundation’s fully integrated training and support programs for business and industry.

Higher Resources, Inc.

Higher Resources, Inc. (HRI) is an education and training organization dedicated to raising compassion consciousness in business and industries when disaster occurs. Programs are designed to prepare employees in the work place on best practices for assisting individuals impacted by trauma.

All programs published and offered by HRI are based on direct input from survivors of tragedy who have a desire to influence the way survivors are responded to in future disasters.

Products include:

  • Training for Employees in Business and Industry
  • Training for Responders in Non-Profit Organizations and Other Public Agencies
  • Education for Helpers
  • Education for Survivors of Traumatic Losses

Send Word Now

Send Word Now was founded in 2001 by a group of individuals who recognized the need for quick and effective crisis communications after the tragedies of September 11, 2001. After the attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the U.S. Pentagon, cell phone traffic became impossibly congested, and Send Word Now has always placed enormous value on multi-modality and redundant communications in building its platform.

Since 2001, as companies have become more concerned about business and operational continuity, regulatory compliance, security and the ability to audit information flow, the need for swift, appropriate, and documented communications has grown ever more urgent. Send Word Now is successfully transforming the way organizations and government agencies are solving the problem of on-demand alerting and incident response for both emergency situations as well as for everyday, time-sensitive organizational communications.

Today, Send Word Now is the leading provider of on-demand alerting and incident response services for both routine and emergency communication. The easy-to-use, web-based emergency notification service is used by government agencies, municipalities, universities, non-profit organizations and businesses around the world to ensure fast, effective, two-way communication in real time.

At Send Word Now, every message counts.