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Disaster Management Services

Aviem is a full-service disaster services provider.  Crucial services include (click on each service for more detailed information):

  • Emergency call center services
  • Media call handling, monitoring & support
  • Onsite disaster management services
  • Disaster victim identification (DVI)
  • Family assistance
  • Repatriation of human remains
  • Recovery and processing of personal belongings
  • Accident investigation support

Aviem International, Inc. is the industry leader in bringing international best practices in humanitarian response to the cruise industry.  Cruise lines around the world have seen significant improvements in their overall passenger service, claims handling and overall company reputation when they have implemented our Care and support programs.  The potential for a mass-casualty disaster involving a cruise ship poses significant challenges for any company and the industry as a whole.  Aviem has the expertise and resources to help you deal with any incident or disaster.  We have personnel in 39 countries around the world and have just under 8,000 fully-trained team members ready to assist your company teams in any emergency.

Pre-Disaster Planning & Support

In addition to our disaster services, Aviem provides a full range of consulting services and training including:

  • ER and/or family assistance plan development
  • Audit or review of your current corporate emergency response plans
  • Drills & exercises – Aviem can design, conduct and evaluate tabletop exercises, functional exercises and full-scale exercises.
  • Humanitarian response training – Aviem is the largest provider of corporate humanitarian response training in the world, using the Human Services Response™ concepts developed by Carolyn V. Coarsey, Ph.D.
  • Operational training – Aviem provides a full range of operations training for: command center operations, Go Teams, onsite family assistance operations, station/airport training and more.
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