Leadership Team

Key Personnel

Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan is President & CEO of Aviem International, Inc. Aviem International is dedicated solely to the task of helping mass transportation companies, corporations and other organizations prepare for disaster with planning, consulting, training, exercises, along with disaster management services.

Jeff Morgan created Aviem International, Inc. after a 20-year career with Delta Air Lines, Inc.  During his last six years at Delta he was instrumental in creating Delta’s first dedicated emergency management department, responsible not only for aircraft emergency response procedures, but general emergency preparedness, disaster recovery and business continuity planning.
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Jeff Morgan is widely recognized within the airline industry for creating the program that set the standard for how airlines respond to disaster with the joint Delta/Swissair response to the Flight 111 tragedy in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  He also speaks often about the roles of airlines in emergency response to such groups as the Air Transport Association, Flight Safety Foundation, International Air Transport Association, American Association of Airport Executives and others.  He is currently a member of the International Association of Emergency Managers and the Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) Working Group.

Jeff Morgan currently works with companies around the world, including airlines, rail companies, cruise lines, medical facilities and other corporate/industrial clients. He is a commercial pilot with ratings for single engine land fixed wing aircraft and hot air balloons. He is co-founder and president of the Family Assistance Foundation.

Carolyn V. Coarsey, Ph.D.

Dr. Carolyn V. Coarsey, President of Higher Resources, Inc., also serves as Executive Vice President of Corporate Philosophy and Family Assistance Programs for Aviem International, Inc. She has an innovative approach to designing effective family assistance training: she interviews survivors, family members, and responders to discover post-accident practices that are helpful and those that are not. These results form the basis for her curricula and approach to working with individuals and families in crisis.

Carolyn created Higher Resources in 1989 and since that time has produced videos and training programs for organizations that are designed to improve post-disaster response. Her training programs Human Services Response™, which highlight the unique role of employee responders of industrial tragedies, are used by aviation and rail companies, cruise lines, oil and gas and multiple agencies and organizations throughout the world.
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She is a family survivor herself of a mass transportation tragedy, having lost her fiancé, on Delta Air Lines Flight 191 in August 1985. She is an airline industry veteran, having worked for Eastern Airlines during three fatal crashes and Braniff International Airlines, where she was Director of Human Resources during shutdown of the airline in May, 1982.

In addition to being a psychotherapist, Carolyn holds a Ph.D. in Training and Learning Technologies from the University of New Mexico, with a program emphasis on managing trauma in the workplace. Her doctoral dissertation, titled Psychological Aftermath of Air Disaster: What Can Be Learned For Training? is one of the first scientific studies of commercial air disaster survivors. Her research has clearly shown the importance of an organization’s employee response on long-term emotional adjustment of survivors. In addition to studying survivors, Carolyn has conducted studies for the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board on issues surrounding employee stress. She has also conducted research on the post-traumatic effects of fatal accident response on fire, police and other rescue personnel sponsored by government grants. In 1991 she participated on a task force with the American Hospital Association that developed the guidelines for handling mass transportation disasters. Carolyn has also worked with the US Department of Defense casualty bureau to address issues of dealing with families after military disasters, terrorist attacks and suicides.

In addition to her work at Higher Resources, Carolyn, has conducted training around the world in such diverse areas as Japan, South Africa, Northern Africa, and Europe. She is co-founder, president and executive director of the Family Assistance Education and Research Foundation, a non-profit organization which supports research and education of multidisciplinary response and improved organizational practices for delivery of services to survivors of disasters. Her book The Handbook for Human Services Response details nearly twenty years of her own research as to best practices for helping disaster survivors.

James Yatras

James is Vice President, Asia Pacific, of Aviem International, servicing clients throughout Asia, Australia, the Pacific and supporting Aviem International globally when his expertise is required.

Prior to his career in aviation, James worked in the finance industry as an IT Infrastructure Manager, where he developed business continuity and disaster recovery processes, designing fault tolerant systems architectures as well as managing service delivery and project management teams.
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Over the last decade, James held a number of roles within Virgin Australia, and his achievements include the project management of its first international subsidiary (Pacific Blue) and its MRO (Virgin Tech). James developed the Virgin Australia enterprise wide risk management framework with an emphasis on the practical application of risk to improve safety and business outcomes and which formed the foundation for the airlines Safety Management System.

During his time at Virgin Australia, James worked relentlessly to establish the Virgin Australia emergency response program. James expanded this program to Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific where he delivered training and used a risk based approach to ensure the capability of the program addressed the unique challenges in international locations as Virgin Australia expanded its operations. James was also instrumental in developing the highly successful Virgin Australia Special Assistance program.

James has responded to a variety of crisis events both domestically and internationally including Earthquakes, Floods, Tsunamis, Volcanic Ash, Mass Food Poisoning Events, Major IT Systems Failures in addition to a number of major aviation related responses for which he has received a letter of thanks from the Australian Minister of Aviation.

For the last 23 years James has been lovingly married to his wife Tracey, and together they raised a family, with two sons, Kirk and Luke.

Rosangela Maxwell

Rosangela joined Aviem as General Manager, Client Services – The Americas. Prior to going Aviem she led Guest Relations teams on board cruise ships for many years, ensuring optimum customer service, complaint resolution, and adherence to protocols. Rosangela has participated in multiple CareTeam and emergency preparedness training programs. She deployed numerous times worldwide, supporting passengers and families during medical emergencies, bereavement, and accidents on board and on land.  She fostered relationships and collaborated with local authorities, government agencies, tour operators, port agents and ground services teams to best support those impacted.

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Rosangela has extensive experience with emergency drills, coordination, and logistics involving thousands of people. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures and speaks Italian, English, Spanish and French.

Ana Maria Dumitru

Ana joins Aviem as General Manager, Client Services – Europe, Middle East, Africa. She was an experienced former Cruise Line Shipboard Manager having deployed and supervised hundreds of CareTeam activations onboard and shoreside in her tenure. Her responsibilities also included overseeing the Hotel Operations on board as needed supervising the largest team onboard. She was selected to lead new ship start-ups and take delivery of several vessels in Europe. Ana lead the teams onboard by advocating the company’s service values to include CareTeam awareness and training on all her ships. Her first Human Services Response ™ training was in 2007 and she continued participating in yearly onboard CareTeam trainings until retiring in 2015. Her experience in collaborating with domestic and international partners provided the best support for her guests and crew during emergencies. Ana’s partnerships and work with Port Agents, Tour Operators, Ground Handlers, and Transportation Companies, demonstrated her keen ability to establish relationships in advance and utilize all appropriate resources as needed for the particular emergency. With her extensive training, experience and focus on operations and safety; Ana is able to adapt to multiple industries needs and provide support and guidance as needed.

Ana studied Management and Business from Transilvania University in Romania and speaks Romanian, English, Spanish and Italian.

Sandra Novak

Sandra Novak is a social worker who divides her time between a clinical practice in Hollywood, Florida and as Director, Care Team Operations for Aviem International and the Family Assistance Foundation. Sandra is also a trainer/facilitator of family assistance and employee support programs for Aviem International and the Family Assistance Foundation.

After 30 years with Delta Air Lines, Sandra’s second career in mental health began after many of her flying partners died in an air disaster in 1985. Determined to understand how survivors (victims, families, and employees) could be better supported by the mental health field as well as the organization they worked for, Sandra began the work she does today as a therapist specializing in crisis and trauma response.
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Sandra has trained airline, cruise line, industrial and healthcare employees on how to assist victims and families as well as other responders following traumatic loss in the workplace. She has personally assisted families and employees at major air disasters such as Swissair 111, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, September 1998; Comair 5191 in Lexington, Kentucky, August, 2006; and Santa Barbara Airlines 518, February, 2008. Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, Sandra was instrumental in assisting numerous flight crews in their ability to regain their trust in flying and return to the cabin and cockpit.

In addition to Sandra’s clinical experience and training expertise in trauma response and support, she has also performed work with victims of domestic violence in the court system, group and individual cases with families and children in cases involving emotional, physical and sexual abuse, inpatient and out patient treatment with dually diagnosed patients, and chemically dependent adults and children.